Additional to our extensive test portfolio we’d like to offer you also some further services. In case that you placed your order in our house we can fulfill a lot of tasks to your complete satisfaction. This saves time, transport costs and also employee capacity.


MT Overnight Express Service

Did you know? In most cases, delivery dates are missed through no fault of your own company or your own department? When customers call every hour and check the current status? Often, it affects quality points and material tests, because they are often stored at the end of the supply chain. At that point, you can hardly change anything, samples accompany the production to delivery, and NDT tests can only be carried out on the finished component.
Introducing dramatic changes to your finishing processes in the last 14 days to shorten them often comes at a significant cost. We understand these problems and offer you our MT OVERNIGHT EXPRESS. We are well prepared and have invested in quality equipment and the latest technologies to meet to most stringent customer requirements.
If necessary, we can perform material testing overnight.
Please note: That service we can only offer for selected tests in commercial quantities.

Packing & Picking

MT is also the best option for packaging according to customer specifications. Thus, the range of possible services includes not only the actual packaging in the required packing units, the attachment of tilt indicators, or the use of drying agents, but also the use of the prescribed treated wood.


We also meet all requirements concerning the proper cleaning or rinsing of your product with deionised water, or the measurement of superficial chlorides, and the conductivity measurement of the cleaning medium.

Transport & Shipping

Regardless of your sample size, shipping is a time-consuming issue, and especially so when transporting material back to customers after non-destructive testing. We shall gladly take over and arrange transportation on your behalf. Alternatively, we can also collect samples at your premises with our own vehicles as required. To this end, we offer 2 vehicles classes.